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Just in Time for Spring Break!!

Spring Break always seems to inspire thoughts of getting in the car and escaping...if only for a little while. We wanted to post some of our favorite mountain lodges before the season has passed us by. If you can, try to picture this scenario...you and a group of your best friends/family have decided to rent a luxury ski house for a long weekend (and I do mean luxury with a capital L). For this trip, you get to choose your ideal ski house. Seriously, I wouldn't even have to leave these houses; just give me some great food, an unlimited amount of aromatic coffee, great board games, and the perfect skiing conditions, and I am good. With a house like this to stay in, it would be tempting to just let the others brave the elements while I sit back and relax. These homes give a new meaning to the words "cabin fever"..... So as difficult as it is, time to pick your ski house! Enjoy...


Option 1 




Option 2







 Option 3






Option 4 







Parkinson Building Group would be happy to build your dream destination home in whatever location you desire...just so long as you agree to pay our travel and lodging expenses ;) 

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